The ‘Morning-After Maids’ Will Take The Hassle Out Of Your Hangover


Look familiar?

No one enjoys waking up to this the morning after an epic night.

If you have a party planned in the…

Posted by Morning-After Maids on Saturday, May 7, 2016

We’ve all been there – waking up on a Sunday morning after a banging house party, before looking around and realising that it all happened at your place, and it’s an utter mess.

Cue the Morning-After Maids.

In an incredibly smart idea, two New Zealand women have created a service that is going to change your hangover. No more cleaning vomit off the floor, no more dragging your friends off the couch or picking up sticky beer bottles – the Morning-After Maids are here to do that for you. And they’ll even bring you breakfast, painkillers, and ‘hangover mascots’ in the form of puppies. Yes, puppies.

Our prayers may have just been answered.

Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst are the world’s new heroes – after complaining of having to clean their apartment with a hangover, the flatmates started the business just over a month ago in Auckland and it’s gone ‘mental, global’ in recent days, with people wanting to franchise it all over the world, Mashable reports.

Foley and Ashurst are both in full-time employment, and squeeze the cleanups into their nights and weekends.

Ashurst told The Guardian:

I think it is one of those ideas that was just waiting to happen.

And it’s different from a cleaning service – we bring our dogs, we chat to you, we cook for you. I think if you are going to have someone in your home when you’re feeling a bit shaky, it needs to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Booking fees range from $20-$80 (£9.50-£38) depending on the size of your party, and $30 (£14) an hour for both of them to scrub your place clean, before adding on a mileage cost for the travel to your filthy apartment. But cleaning vomit comes in at a cool $10 (£4.70) per area.

If you didn’t book in advance, don’t worry. You can order an emergency clean for an extra $50 (£24). You can also order food to be cooked – $25 (£12) a head for clean food or $20 (£9.50) for greasy – or get them to do a McDonald’s run for $10 plus the cost of food. But they’ll throw in cuddles with the puppies for free.

While it may come to a pretty expensive hangover, it’s probably well worth staying in the foetal position on the kitchen floor.

At the moment, the company only caters to those living in Auckland. But don’t give up hope if you don’t live in New Zealand – Catherine said that franchising the business is ‘the dream’.