The Most Hated Man On The Internet



Martin Shkreli, 32, is the chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals and judging by social media over the last few days he’s also looking like the most hated man on the internet. 

Why are people hatin’ on him? It’s because his company recently acquired the rights to Daraprim. The drug is the best treatment for people with weakened immune systems, such as Aids patients, who have come to rely on the drug.

Before Mr. Shkreli bought ownership of Daraprim a dose would retail for $13.50 USD. He announced he would increase the price by 5,000%. $750 a pill.

It’s not unusual for the pharmaceuticals industry to jack up prices for niche products, but those businessmen doing it are usually much sneakier and shroud themselves in the darkness of their mansions (I imagine). Shkreli, on the other hand, has been unapologetic and outspoken.

For many American’s this situation and people like Mr. Shkreli likely makes them frustrated because the health care system is already prone to greed.

Anyway, here is a compilation of all the greatest reactions to Martin Shkreli and the pharmaceuticals industry.




schkreli hardy boys from south park


Mr. Shkreli has not taken criticism of his company lightly. He uses his Twitter account to defend himself with hostile messages.



Then Hilary got involved…

There’s even a Taiwanese animation about him and Turing Pharmaceuticals…

And he’s been given a Dr. Evil pinky finger.

Mr. Shkreli has now said he will make Daraprim more affordable. Let’s sit back and see if he sticks to his word…