Step Inside One Of The Most Haunted Places In America

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The Queen Mary sits permanently docked in Long Beach, California, but inside many claim they’ve encountered spirits from it’s turbulent past.


Built in the 1930s in Clydebank, Scotland, RMS Queen Mary sailed between New York and ports in Europe for thirty years.


In that time she saw several tragedies on-board that the Daily Star report has left the ship haunted by several ghosts.

The retired ocean liner has been converted into a hotel and guests claim they are continually bumping all sorts of spooky spectres.


It was named as one of the top ten most haunted places in America by Time Magazine.

One of the most notorious ghosts is called Half-hatch Harry and can apparently be seen talking the cramped corridors of the engine room.

It’s believed he is the restless spirit of John Peddler who was crushed by ‘Door 13’, a watertight door that was closed to prevent flooding in emergencies.

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According to Haunted Honeymoon the legend was that crew used to jump through the closing doorways as many times as they could. John Pedder pushed his luck and was killed.

His name is listed on the grisly sign recording crew members who’ve died on board:


That seems like an abnormally large number of deaths, but maybe that was what work was like before health and safety laws?

The Queen Mary’s history does seem constantly drawn into the realms of death. She was pressed into service in World War Two as a troop ship, transporting soldiers for the D-Day campaign.

They repainted the ship in military colours giving her the ominous nickname the Grey Ghost.


People claim there could be up to 150 spirits on board, which must have been a total nightmare to count now I think about it.

Two ghostly young girls have been ‘seen’ laughing and playing around the pool – spirits of passengers who drowned in the pool.

People have also reported hearing splashing sounds and seeing wet footprints – but I mean, they’re on a ship so maybe that’s not so odd.


The ballroom is also haunted by a beautiful young woman known as ‘The Lady in White’ who can be seen dancing alone – presumably giving everyone flashbacks to their school dances.

Maybe the Queen Mary was destined to be haunted, after all they named it after a Queen who was beheaded.

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