The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Shares Incredible Body Transformation Ahead Of Boxing Match

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Game of Thrones star Hafþór Björnsson has shown off an incredible body transformation. 

Since his retirement from strongman competitions in 2019, Björnsson – perhaps better known as Game of Thrones‘ The Mountain – has totally transformed his body.


The star has now moved into the world of boxing and has revealed the physical transformation that’s a result of his progress.

Thor Bjornsson, Islandic actor and cast of the US fantasy series 'Game of Thrones', speaking during a promotional event of a soda water device manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany, 11 April 2016. PHOTO: LUKAS SCHULZE/dpaAlamy

The former World’s Strongest Man, who is a whopping 6ft 9 inches tall, told Muscle and Health how he had been able to ‘train more, prepare more, and get more experience’ after his fight with Eddie Hall was postponed.

He commented how he doesn’t ‘really weigh’ himself and that he’s not getting heavier. ‘I don’t really have a plan for fight weight. I just want to be in good shape, feel good, and obviously be able to last the full six rounds if necessary,’ he said.


When he had been competing in the World’s Strongest Man, Björnsson was eating ‘six to seven meals a day and hitting around 10,000 calories’. Despite the vast quantity of food he was required to eat, the star said that he did maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Björnsson told Muscle and Health how he thinks about his diet ‘a lot’. While training for the strongman competition, he was on the Vertical diet and felt ‘okay’, but said that due to his actual weight he ‘never really felt great’. ‘No one feels great at 205kgs,’ he said.

However, having transitioned to boxing, he notes how much his diet has subsequently changed and how he is ‘eating a lot less, very clean’.

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While he never thought he’d start boxing ‘in a million years’, Björnsson joked that it was something that happened maybe because he ‘wanted to beat Eddie Hall up, as well as finding a way to move on from Strongman’.

‘I was happy with my career, but I’d spent more than a decade in the sport and won everything I could. I wanted to start to think about my health and make sure I would be there for my children in the future,’ he said.

At the moment, Björnsson is focusing on boxing technique and endurance work, spending hours in the ring rather than the weights room. He told Muscle and Health how he was surprised to have kept up ‘such an athletic muscular physique’ when he hasn’t been lifting at all, adding, ‘I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I still have muscles on me, which is great.’


Since his body transformation, the Game of Thrones star hopes to inspire others to follow a healthier lifestyle.

He told Muscle and Health: 

I would love to inspire as many people as possible and to be a good influence. That will begin with my new yogurt range and who knows what the future holds.

Björnsson is set to fight Devon Larratt on Saturday, September 18 in Dubai. The event will begin at 6pm UK time and the fight is expected to begin from 9pm.


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