The Mountain Pulls A 17-Ton Truck, Proves He’s An Absolute Beast

mountain FBHBO/Instagram

When he’s not playing The Mountain on Game of Thrones, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson can usually be found lifting, throwing or pulling really heavy shit and making it look easy AF.

This time, the 6’9″, 400lbs heap of muscle made short work of pulling a 17-ton truck behind him, because bench presses are just too easy for this guy, at this point.

He even threw in a few victory laps while dragging along the massive vehicle – because why the hell not?

When the power is to much! #ThorsPower #TruckPull #SouthAfrica #ArnoldClassic

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As reported by TMZ, the stunt was all part of Björnsson’s training in Iceland for the upcoming Arnold Strongman Classic in South Africa.

Björnsson won Iceland’s Strongest Man five years in a row and is currently on an absolutely crazy diet plan to get ready for the Classic.

And, on this evidence (as well as crushing people’s skulls with his bare hands on GoT), we certainly wouldn’t bet against him winning the whole damn thing.