‘The Mountain’ Releases Brand Of Water That Makes You Strong



Have you ever wanted to be as hench as Icelandic strongman, ‘The Mountain’? Well now you might be able to give it a whirl as he’s all set to release his own brand of muscle water. 

Heavy Bubbles are ‘a work in progress’, pioneered by Hafthor Julius ‘Thor’ Bjornsson (hell, even his name sounds strong).

They’re part bottle of sparkling water, part free weights. Yeah, it’s pretty unique.

heavy bubblsEvgeni Roshmanov / YouTube

In the hilarious video released on April 1 (which does mean that unfortunately Heavy Bubbles is complete bullshit), Thor demonstrates that the water bottles come in various different weight categories so that even when you’re strolling home from the shops you’re getting a full on workout.

But what if you have to carry all that other stuff you bought? Well, in the words of the Game of Thrones star himself: ‘don’t buy other stuff’.

The dumbbell bottles come in 2, 5, and 10 kilo variations, and if you can’t handle the weight then The Mountain quite bluntly states, ‘you die’.

Despite the video being nothing more than a very elaborate April Fools prank, people are actually desperate for some Heavy Bubbles.

To be honest I can’t say that I wouldn’t want some Heavy Bubbles either…