The Mummy Rises From The Grave In Fantastic New Trailer


An ancient and otherworldly evil return to the silver screen next year in The Mummy and the first trailer has finally risen from its tomb to find an audience. 


Resurrecting this iconic franchise is first time director Alex Kurtzman – who’s previously worked as a producer and writer on just about every franchise in the last decade – and an all star cast.

Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis , Jake Johnson , Courtney B. Vance and Academy Award winner Russell Crowe make up our pantheon of heroes and villains.



The film, which drags the mummy kicking and moaning into the modern day tells the story of a group of commandos who bring an entombed mummy from the Egyptian deserts to London, a you do.

Cinematic mummies of course aren’t big fans of being dug up and would you believe it the titular mummy (Sofia Boutella) only wakes up, revealing herself to be an ancient queen who unleashes chaos on the world.


Universal have there fingers crossed that this movie will kick start their own cinematic universe, which will bring together all the classic monsters, and if this action packed extravaganza is anything to go by they may be on the right track.

The Mummy smashes it’s way back into theatres on June 9th next year.