The Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Just Released Their First Video

by : Francesca Donovan on : 08 Nov 2016 10:25
okilly-dokillyokilly-dokillyOkilly Dokilly

Hi-didly-ho, neighbourinos (read: metalheads) this is the biggest news since Japanese schoolgirls blew our minds and Black Sabbath reformed.


The Ned Flanders themed heavy metal band, Okilly Dokilly, has just released their first ever music video and it’s got everyone in a gosh-darned tizzy.

The mustachioed six-piece from Pheonix, Arizona has taken it upon themselves to play the devil’s music while impersonating The Simpson‘s in-house religious fanatic – and it is glorious.

The lyrics – for those of you who like Ned Flanders but are untuned to the dulcet, mellow tones of heavy metal vocals – are taken from The Simpsons episode, Viva Ned Flanders.


They read:

You only live once.
Ah hell, give me a white wine spritzer.

…Over and over and over, while the murderous band pop a bottle and trash the set.


This quote is taken from Ned’s adventures with Homer in Vegas (S10E10) where he decides to cut loose and order himself the most basic of drinks; a white wine spritzer.

Neddy then proceeds to get White Girl Wasted, and winds up marrying a Vegas stripper.

The melting pot of pristine melodies, tippled tomfoolery and Ned nostalgia complete with costumes make for a fucking brilliant first video release.


If you thought this band was a gimmick before, you darned better go have a few quiet moments in confession and repent for your sins.

Rod and Tod will meet you in there; reports suggest they’re currently being exorcised for head-banging happily to their dads’ musical stylings.

Okilly Dokilly’s debut album Howdilly Doodilly is out on 11 November, available to buy from your local Leftorium and other music outlets, just in time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, people.

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