The New Forza 6 Trailer Is An Awesome Look At Gaming History


Forza has been ahead of the pack of racing games for a few years now, and the trailer for upcoming Forza Motorsports 6 takes a moment to appreciate the history of the genre.

The trailer titled “Legacy” sifts through 40 years of racing titles to arrive at the modern day Forza all set to Electric Six – “High Voltage”. Not too shabby.

Uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube account, the video races through five of the genre’s most legendary titles. According the the comments section on the video, in order, they are:

-Gran Track 10 (1974 Atari)
-R.C. Pro Am (1987 Rare)
-Pole Position (1982 Namco)
-Chase HQ (1988 Taito)
-Ridge Racer (1993 Namco)

Forza Motorsport 6 is releasing 15 September exclusively on Xbox One.