The New GTA Update Adds Bigfoot As A Playable Character


Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dave – whatever you call him, he’s been a part of Grand Theft Auto history for years. With the latest update to the game, Rockstar snuck him in as a playable character. Sort of.

In the new update, Rockstar brought the PC’s replay editor to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as a new achievement called ‘Cryptozoologist’. This achievement tasks players with collecting every animal in the GTA world for use in the Director Mode by collecting peyote plants.

Eagle-eyed reddit user YourAdultFriend posted in the chiliadmystery subreddit, noticing that the achievement description for nabbing all the plants was pretty cryptic: “You unlocked all animals in Director Mode… Or did you?”

There’s a whole list of specific things that need to happen in order for an elusive ‘golden peyote’ to appear that unlocks the legendary ape. You need to have completed the main game, and have collected all other peyotes, it needs to be foggy, the game time must be between 5.30am and 8am on a Tuesday, and you need to have spared Bigfoot in a mission that has you hunt him.

Easy peasy then.

YouTube channel 2H2K has uploaded a video detailing how to find the ‘golden peyote’. Explained as a hallucination, you can still drive vehicles and use weapons as the big man, though first person mode is unavailable.

You can exit the hallucination at any time if it all gets a bit too much, but your ancestors would probably be ashamed of you. Playing as Bigfoot is about the most important thing anybody can do in a GTA game.