These Lads Managed To Get A Policewoman To Ride An ‘Illegal’ Swegway


As you may be aware, Swegway hoverboards were declared illegal by the police earlier this week.

To test this out, YouTube channel Carnage filmed this social experiment, in which Swegways are ridden extremely close to police officers to see how they react to the supposedly illegal self-balancing scooters.


And it turns out the police aren’t even bothered about arresting these massive ‘Sweg’ criminals, despite the best efforts of the public to grass them up at every opportunity.

One officer even poses for a selfie, before getting on the hoverboard herself.

So if you take your Swegway out tonight you probably won’t get arrested, but you will look like a bellend, and should probably sit in a dark corner and re-evaluate your life.

Have a word, mate.