The New Warcraft Movie Trailer Looks Ridiculously Exciting


Legendary has released another new trailer for Warcraft, their upcoming fantasy/action flick that’s based on a popular Blizzard universe you might have heard of. 

This newest trailer adds a little levity into the mix after previous teases very much made out that all we had to look forward to was some overly serious highbrow fantasy, but look – Dubstep! Jokes! Confusingly attractive orc girls! What doesn’t Warcraft have?

The action continues to look top notch too, and perhaps most importantly (I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating) it just looks like Warcraft should. Check out the trailer below.

Warcraft director Duncan Jones and actor Robert Kazinsky (Ogrim) are set to appear on a panel at PAX East this week in Boston, where they’re apparently gonna be revealing some “secrets” from the film.

If you fancy some good old fashioned fantasy fun, Warcraft hits UK cinemas on June 3.