The Police Have A Very Sneaky Plan To Catch People Texting And Driving


British police are going to new heights to catch drivers using their mobile phones while driving.

With the new law meaning that drivers can be banned from driving if caught or fined up to £1000 with six points on their license, the police are stepping up the patrols.

By taking a new vantage point, a team of officers are using a double-decker bus to spy on drivers from above and catch them.


The new method is incredibly effective and one motorist was spotted texting for 10 seconds just minutes after an officer boarded the bus.

The special double-decker operation took place last weekend in Plymouth, Devon, and resulted in over 130 motorist being caught.

PC Andy Llewellyn, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said:

The double-decker bus is great to catch people looking down on their laps using phones.

This is a great example of how we can maximise policing resources by working closely with partner organisations in the community.

Careless and inconsiderate driving is something that people may not recognise as a fatal factor.

In Plymouth and across the force area we are looking to address this and the other driving behaviours in the fatal five to improve road safety awareness.


39 motorists were using a mobile phone, 53 were speeding, 36 were not wearing a seatbelt, two were seized for not having insurance, and two more were arrested for drug driving.

The scheme is the first of its kind in the country and was ‘very succesful’ and they will be doing it again.