The Problem With The Shocking United Airlines Video No One Is Talking About


United Airlines caused public outrage after footage was posted of airport security ejecting a doctor from an overbooked flight by violently pulling him from his seat and physically dragging him along the aisle.

Since then, the focus has shifted from the videos themselves, to the people who were recording it.

Technically, it is a punishable offence to record video on board a United Airlines flight, but the airline seems to have chosen not to enforce their rules.

The official United Airlines line is:

The use of small cameras or mobile devices for photography and video is permitted on board, provided you keep the purpose of your photography and video to capturing personal events,” according to its ‘Electronic device policies’. “Photographing or recording other customers or airline personnel without their express consent is prohibited.

United have a history of throwing people off flights and out of airports for filming what they perceive to be injustices, the Independent reports.

It is not clear what ‘personal event’ means but it is possible that they could ban the infamous and horrifying videos because they were taken of their customers and crew without their permission.

United have faced huge backlash over this decision and strangely the CEO Oscar Munoz defended his staff.

Munoz incredibly apologised for ‘having to re-accommodate these customers’ but not for leaving an elderly man bloodied on his flight.