The Queen Could Become Ruler Of The US In Crazy New Plans


Make America British again?

As a former British colony, the United States could be the next ‘associate member’ of the Commonwealth – thanks to Donald Trump and his love for the UK and its royal family.

The project – which includes plans to open a Royal Commonwealth Society branch in the U.S. – is said to be backed by Queen Elizabeth II, the Telegraph reports. It comes amid efforts to develop the Commonwealth as a tool to build international relations.

“The UK rather left this treasure in the attic, and forgot about it because people were so glued to Brussels,” said Michael Lake, the director of the Royal Commonwealth Society.


Lake said the move had been encouraged by new president Trump and the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ – a title given to Nigel Farage and his followers by multi-millionaire and UKIP donor Arron Banks.

Back in December, Lake sent a letter to Trump, which was hand carried by Andrew Wigmore, a close aide to Nigel Farage, and then delivered by the former UKIP leader.

He said in the letter that the move would allow the U.S. and the UK to ‘find imaginative ways’ to collaborate.

Whigmore told The Telegraph that while the White House has not given any official confirmation, the response has been ‘very positive’.


Lark said: “It has been very introspective, it needs to [be] more extrovert. In that sense we have adopted a policy of getting branches of the Commonwealth in non-commonwealth countries.”

The move would reportedly bring ‘mutually advantageous’ between ‘reliable friends’.

The modern Commonwealth dates back to 1949 and is made up of 53 countries, 16 of which have the Queen as head of state.

Trump’s mother, who was Scottish and a royalist, also expressed his enthusiasm for building connections with the royal family.

He is hoping to have a visit with Her Majesty at Balmoral Castle during his first visit official state visit to the U.K. in June.