It Turns Out The Queen ‘Has A Secret Facebook Account’

Twitter/Royal Family

The Queen has a secret Facebook account, which is potentially more exciting news than Prince Philip stepping down from his public appearances…

Pretty much everyone has Facebook these days and it seems Queen Elizabeth II is no different, according to indy100.

We’re not talking about ‘The British Monarchy page – the UK’s slightly twee page for keeping up-to-date with the latest goings on in the royal household – but her very own, extremely secretive profile.


Her Royal Highness is reportedly known for gossiping away on the phone, but now according to the Mail Online, she’s actually in the technology know-how and is very much actively involved on social media.

Not only is her account so secret – MI5 would have problems finding it – she also has a James Bond style, encrypted mobile phone, dubbed one of the most sophisticated in the world and allegedly unable to be hacked.

Because she’s the Queen, her P.A, Angela Kelly makes sure her phone is fully charged at all times, so she’s never caught short and in desperate need of an iPhone lead.


It looks like the Queen is so down-with-the-kids, she even has her own laptop and an iPad to complete the set.

In fact, Her Majesty has every piece of everyday technology available at her finger tips, it seems she’s quite keen to surf the internet at every given minute. Perhaps she likes to binge on Netflix? Or maybe she’s an eBay addict? I wonder if she likes to play online bingo…

Apparently her daughter Princess Anne and John Warren – her horse riding adviser, are pretty much on speed dial, or at the top of her hidden friends list and are her two go-to people for a chat.


A little fact for you, if his name doesn’t ring any bells, you’ll probably recognise his posh looking house  – Highclere Castle, Berkshire – it’s the actual real life Downton Abbey, which is pretty damn impressive.

Sadly, the Queen does not have a private Twitter account which no-one knows about, but if she did, maybe it would be just as savage as the parody version @Queen_UK.

A real shame, at least she’s on Facebook though.

I wonder if she uses it to stalk Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle? If I was her I totally would…