The Reaction To Paige’s Private Photograph Leak Has Been Awful


Outrage ensued after former two-time WWE Diva’s Champion, Paige was victimised by a sex tape leak.

Missing the point entirely, social media users have slammed Paige ‘for desecrating WWE property’ – rather than offer the athlete support in the aftermath of the crime that saw private photos made public without her consent.

The offending photographs depict Paige after performing a private sex act in close proximity to her championship title belt.

I was having a bad day.

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It is the latest in a worrisome string of celebrity sex tape leaks.

Paige – born Saraya-Jade Bevis in Norfolk – has since released a statement on Twitter confirming that her phone was hacked and her privacy invaded.

The 24-year-old has since received obscene abuse from WWE fans on social media, who have called for the belt to be burned.

Social media users have referenced a photograph taken with Paige and her belt, alongside a young fan.

One man has claimed the child’s parents ‘should sue her’ while another wrote, ‘she deserves a RKO’.

Throwing bitchessszzz over my head and stuff.

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Blissfully ignorant of the trauma caused to Paige by this kind of privacy invasion, another wrote, ‘I’m jacking off tonight IdcIdc’.

One judgemental man even dubbed Paige a ‘train wreck’ for expressing her sexuality in the privacy of her own home – and then succumbing to an illegal phone hack.

A further unsympathetic soul commented, ‘Safe to say her WWE career will be over’.

Explicit photographs and footage are now circulating the internet after a hacker leaked them online.

Paige is known to her fans as ‘The Anti-Diva’ and has a blistering track record in wrestling.

However, the WWE is a family-friendly organisation with many young fans.

Now heading to Atlanta! Survivor series time. ??

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Rumours that Chyna, the mother of female wrestling, was never inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to her career in porn after she retired from the ring.

Sadly, the hack of Paige’s personal pornographic content could jeopardise her career.

Many of Paige’s fans have shared messages of solidarity alongside the hashtag ‘I Stand With Paige’.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder when society will start seeing sex tape leaks for what they are: A crime against the victim and an attack on their privacy, rather than an indictment of their personality.