The Real Johnny Depp Surprised Guests At Disneyland Dressed As Jack Sparrow

Walt Disney Studios

Pirates Of The Caribbean is back and Johnny Depp is taking the necessary, if wobbly, strides to get into character.

The Disney franchise, based on an old waxwork walk-through ride, has been exhumed with the fifth instalment; originally titled Dead Men Tell No Tales, and changed to Salazar’s Revenge.

You can watch the official Disney UK trailer for Salazar’s Revenge below:

Returning aboard, Captain Jack Sparrow, who just forfeited his chance at immortality On Stranger Tides is faced with some rather peaky looking dead nemeses, including Salazar, played by veteran villain Javier Bardem.

Ever prepared with novel solutions for all of life’s challenges, just like his fictional alter ego, Johnny Depp travelled to Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

The Hollywood star gave visitors a special performance, literally bringing the immersive ride to life.

A spectator told E! News:

Everyone was surprised, shocked and excited to see him. He acted exactly like his character in the movies.

Another added, ‘It was a surreal moment for everyone on our boat! Crazy experience. Best Disneyland experience our family has ever been a part of.’

Depp just managed to make the most magical place on Earth that little bit more special.

Salazar’s Revenge is coming to a theatre near year on May 29, 2017.