The Real Reason That Marco Pierre White Jr Signed Up For Big Brother

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When the son of multi-million pound chef Marco Pierre White announced he was heading into the Big Brother house many people wondered ‘why?’

Thankfully plucky journalists over at The Mail Online have cracked the case of the chef’s skint successor and it’s hilariously stupid.

It seems that Marco Pierre White Jr is in debt, not to an angry drug lord or a brutal bookie, no, instead Junior is in debt to an upmarket antiques shop in Kensington.

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Dietrich Briese, who owns The Client, claims that the famous chef’s son took a vintage fur coat, some sunglasses and a Cartier watch, all without paying for them.

Dietrich says:

He took the items and promised to transfer the money online. He showed me the screen, but he never pressed the “confirm” button. Cunning little child.

He told me, ‘I’m sorting out a lot of money I owe other people, which is why I’m going on Big Brother’, but before he went into the house he called again and told me he has no intention of ever paying me.

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Apparently Marco Senior wasn’t too happy with his son squandering his fortune and refused to bail him out. So Junior did what semi-famous waifs do when the their coffers run dry, head to Big Brother.

It seems that Junior’s been playing this trick on more than just Mr Briese though and has been running up debts across the capital.

Things have gotten so bad that his celeb dad’s been forced to take away his son’s debit card in an effort to curb his spending, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

In Friday’s show the foppish pseudo-celeb claimed he’d spent quarter of a million of his dad’s money on ‘prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol’. You know the Z-list celeb starter pack.

Here’s hoping Junior wins, not because I like him but so he can pay back some of the people he’s defrauded.