The Real Wolf Of Wall Street House Is For Sale And Looks Insane

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The real Wolf Of Wall Street’s luxury mansion is up for sale.

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall is a modern day movie classic, based on the life of Jordan Belfort (who was played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the film), and has become one of those films so ridiculous that sometimes it’s hard to believe it was all real.

But shockingly it was. The life of the expert financial manipulator is a tale filled with greed, sex and shitload of drugs. Whilst the real life events would lead you to think that Belfort was a despicable shit-bag – and he was, even by his own admission – it still made for captivating cinema.


All good Scorsese classics have a memorable opening scene and The Wolf Of Wall Street is no different. In the introduction we see a clearly inebriated Belfort land his helicopter in his luxury estate (how he survived that in real life only he – and the drugs he took – will know).

It’s now been revealed that the same mansion is now up for sale and as you can imagine the interior decor is out-of-this world.

If you happen to have a spare $3.4 million (just over £2.7 million) lying in you’re overdraft then you can purchase his luxurious 8706-square-foot home in Old Brookville, New York.

Regina Rogers

According to Elle Decor, the five-bedroom mansion comes with a; “two-story foyer, a Clive Christian-designed kitchen, a “ballroom-sized living room,” and six. Why in the hell do you need six baths?

So if you’re looking for somewhere to move and the idea of acquiring the home of a former drug addicted Wall Street shyster is up your street head over to the  listings page.

Regina Rogers

This isn’t the first piece of Belfort’s old property that’s been put up for sale, his old white Ferrari Testarossa – which wasn’t featured in the film – was selling for £100,000 last year.

However, despite not being in the film it was still involved in an infamous ‘Wolf’ moment.

Check out the trailer for The Wolf Of Wall Street