The Rock Aged 16 Somehow Looks Older Than He Does Now


Time certainly seems to be treating Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson incredibly well after a photo of him aged just 16 surfaced on Twitter.

In the black and white snap, Dwayne is sporting an impressive flat-top and looks ready for some sort of business, dressed in full suit and tie.

But the crowning glory of the epic look has surely got to be the former pro wrestler’s impressive pencil-thin porno stache.

Of course people were quick to take to their keyboards in amazement at The Rock’s apparent reverse ageing.

‘He looks like an inner city high school teacher who’s ready to snap,’ posted one commenter, while another said: ’16? Looks like he has a bad back and a 401k.’

As if we expected anything less, the people’s champ himself even responded to the pic writing:

Haha it’s that damn 16yr old slightly creepy, but well manicured porn stache I was rocking back in high school. Good Lord.

It’s nice to know that even one of the biggest and best known personalities on the planet has a few embarrassing skeletons in his closet.

Dwayne is currently on the promo trail for his new movie Baywatch, recreating the iconic 90s TV show, which catapulted Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff to fame.

That moustache though…