The Rock Is About To Make A Surprising New Career Move


The Rock done it all: WWE, acting, cartoons, charity work, announcing he may run for president – and now? Broadway musicals.

Thanks to Moana, Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda have a pretty busy schedule on their hands. But that didn’t stop them from collaborating on a new project.

Enter Millennials: The Musical, a mockumentary short coming to YouTube Tuesday, November 29.

Millennials, at least according to this first look, seeks to challenge the stereotypes surrounding our generation. Johnson says in a sneak-peak preview: “You know, there are very few things in this world that are greater than bringing to life the story of a marginalized group of people.”

Best of all, the original pitch for the musical was less than 140 characters in length. Somehow, they managed to turn that into a full-on mockumentary that goes behind the scenes of a new (totally fake) Broadway production.

The story follows Michael Palomar, a stereotypical hipster who derides participation ribbons and baby-boomers. He’s subject to creative whims — like changing the script a week out from opening night, leaving the show, the casting, the choreography, and the music to all get ripped to shreds. That leaves Michael to star down disaster as he tries to keep the whole thing together.


Given that the musical is headed by one of the most-loved actors in Hollywood and an award-winning composer/Broadway musical genius, there’s a good chance it will be a hit.

Millennials: The Musical will premiere on Tuesday, November 29 on The Rock’s YouTube page.