The Rock Surprises Army Veteran With Brand New Mustang

by : UNILAD on : 13 Jan 2017 17:25

This is the brilliant moment that The Rock presents a U.S veteran with a surprise mustang. 

The heart-warming footage shows the iconic wrestler and actor reward the U.S veteran, Marlene with the ‘Go Further’ award, for the outstanding services to her country.


Marlene admits she’s a ‘big fan’ of The Rock and he can barely contain his excitement, saying he ‘can’t wait to surprise her.’

At the beginning of the video, Marlene explains why she joined the army and The Rock turns round with a grin on his face, saying ‘damn I love this woman.’


She continued to relay what she went through while serving for her country.


She said:

It’s tough, but once you get trained up, you just get back out there and you just do what you gotta do.

To which The Rock gushed with ‘One of the reasons why it makes her so special.’

Brave Marlene outlined how she got hit for a second time, suffering with ‘severe brain trauma’ and it was at this point, after the death of a colleague, she chose to bow out.


While the courageous veteran explained her living arrangements and how she is supported, The Rock pops in to catch her off guard, once again grinning with ‘I love surprises.’

He interrupts her conversation for her to look on in shock as she realises what’s happening, before he asks a couple of strange questions.

He asks:


You love the beach?

You love baby oil?

To which baffled Marlene replies awkwardly with ‘ok…’

He then proceeds to present her with tickets to the Baywatch premier which is ok by anyone’s standards, but his next surprise is the real biggie.


After faking that he almost forgot, he leads unsuspecting Marlene to the back wall, where a brand, spanking. new Mustang is unveiled from behind a curtain.

Stunned Marlene looks on and says simply ‘Why… Are you kidding me?’ before asking what ‘sort of joke is this.’

Here’s the full touching footage:

The whole thing gets pretty emotional as the pair share a tender moment, before the room erupts into applause and nervous Marlene bizarrely asks ‘Do I have coffee breath? Do I stink?’

The Rock then reassures her by saying ‘No you don’t have stink breath,’ before showing her around her new swish ride.

A seriously emotional film.

Congratulations to Marlene, I hope she enjoys cruising around in that little beauty, she totally deserves it.

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