The Rock Was Only Second Highest Grossing Actor Of 2017

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2017 has been quite a good year for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the realms of Hollywood and beyond, so it comes as a bit of a surprise he’s only the second grossing actor of the year.


Strangely enough, despite pulling in a cool $1.5 billion (£1.11 billion) this year off of his star power alone, the former pro-wrestler was pipped to first place by his Fast & Furious co-star Vin Diesel who grossed $1.6 billion ($1.18 billion).

Despite pulling in big numbers and a big salary from three box office movies this year (The Fate Of The Furious, Baywatch and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) and the third season of HBO’s Ballers it seems he still can’t compete with that Disney and Marvel money.


Even though he had a limited role as Baby Groot in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, Diesel was still able to rake in more cash than The Rock thanks to that and his high salary from this year’s xXx and FF movies.


The highest grossing female actor this year was Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, as well beating Marvel to the punch to release the first female superhero-led film, it also turned out to be the only good DC and Warner Bros. film since The Dark Knight trilogy.

The former Isreali beauty queen came in third overall on Forbes’ top ten highest grossing actors and actresses list after grossing $1.4 billion (just over £1 billion) from both the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman and the poorly received Justice League.

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The Forbes list featured four of Britain’s top young thespians in the form of Emma Watson, Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland and John Boyega. Thanks to some excellent negotiating skills the former Harry Potter star Watson was able to gross $1.3 billion from Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty & The Beast, while Holland’s entry as the third Spider-Man grossed $888 million.

It comes as no surprise either that Ridley and Boyega were on the list as last-minute entries after the release of this month’s epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Check Out The Full List Below

1. Vin Diesel ($1.6 billion)

2. Dwayne Johnson ($1.5 billion)


3. Gal Gadot ($1.4 billion)

4. Emma Watson ($1.3 billion)

5. Johnny Depp ($1.1 billion)

6. Daisy Ridley ($1.08 billion)

7. Tom Holland ($888 million)

8. Chris Pratt ($864 million)

9. Chris Hemsworth ($845 million)

10. John Boyega ($815 million)

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As we close 2017, which has been overall a pretty decent year for films, we know next year will probably be even better.

With the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War set to come out next year, which will come out after the awesome Black Panther film, we’ll be curious to see how much of 2018’s list will be filled with Marvel actors and actresses.

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