The Rock’s Teen Daughter Made Golden Globes Ambassador


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s daughter, Simone Garcia, has been appointed as an Ambassador of the Golden Globes during last night’s award ceremony.

It was the first time this year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have appointed an ambassador for the annual award show.

It replaces the traditional and somewhat archaic, title of ‘Miss Golden Globe’, however, the role is still given to an offspring of one of Hollywood’s elite.

On Sunday night, the recipient was Simone Garcia Johnson, who was joined by her father Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson when she received the honour.

While on stage, her A-List father told her how ‘incredibly proud’ of her he was.

Simone is Johnson’s daughter from his first marriage, with Dany Garcia, who also remain’s his manager – fun fact her second husband, Dave Rienzi, is also The Rock’s personal trainer.

Does anyone else find that a bit awkward, or is it just me?

On Sunday evening, Johnson told his 16-year-old daughter:

Simone, I am so incredibly proud of you.

In an article for W Magazine, The Rock’s oldest daughter said how the title change came as a ‘relief’ to her:

I’m really glad they chose to make that change because it promotes equality and is more inclusive, and those are things that I’m passionate about.

I feel like representing that is really going to open up a lot of doors — not only for me, but also for all the future Golden Globes Ambassadors.


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Speaking to The New York Times, vice president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (who hand out the Golden Globe awards), Anke Hofmann, revealed the committee had been contemplating changing the name for some time now.:

Hofmann added:

Now, it’s gender-neutral and the ambassador could be a woman, a man, a transgender?

you'll never make anyone prouder than you make me. happy birthday, i love you ?

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Simone says she hopes to use her role as a Golden Globes Ambassador to help encourage young women from poorer backgrounds and communities to learn new journalism skills.

Simone went on to say:

I hope that one of the reasons why I was chosen is because I do speak out on issues that some people are afraid to speak out on?

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Despite taking on such an important role, she still has her priorities in order, telling W Magazine finishing school and getting into college is her top ‘priority’.

Previous recipients of the title (when it was still known as the Miss Golden Globes) includes Corinne Foxx, daughter of Jaime Foxx in 2016 and Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia Stallone, daughters of Sylvester Stallone in 2017.