The Royal Navy’s Warship Of The Future Looks F*cking Incredible

by : UNILAD on : 31 Aug 2015 12:55
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Some photos have emerged online showing what the British warship of the future could look like, and the word is that it’s only going to take around 35 years.


The vessel in question has been dubbed the ‘Dreadnought 2050’ and it looks absolutely insane.

The ship, if ever created, can also be manned by as little as 50 sailors – as opposed to the 200 manning today’s ships – sitting in front of futuristic screens.

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The concept images were released by a group of leading British electronic companies who work with the naval defence experts, Startpoint.


The ship can even blend into its surroundings using the ultra-strong acrylic hull that can turn see-through, and if that isn’t threatening enough, its speed of light weaponry will do the trick.

It will be able to fire ‘special torpedoes’ out of tubes on the outrigger hulls which can travel at speeds of almost 350mph due to the frictionless bubble surrounding it.

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Throw in the flight deck for remotely piloted drones, the tethered quad-coptor that flies above the ship looking for enemy missiles or aircraft and the ops room with a 3D holographic command table and it’s safe to say that our seas are going to be pretty safe by 2050.

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I wouldn’t want to bet on what this thing costs to build!

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