The Satanic Temple Have Officially Unveiled Their New HQ


It’s not every day that The Satanic Temple opens up in your backyard, so imagine how surprised a few residents in the U.S. were when the group set up their international HQ there.

The group, who use Lucifer as a symbol of ‘rebellion’, debuted their brand-new headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts earlier this week and will be open to the general public.

The space will include the temple’s offices, an art gallery, a lecture room, and a gift shop, Vice reports. And the whole look wouldn’t be complete without a massive bronze statue of a goat-headed satanic figure of course.

Salem seems a pretty apt location for those who want to worship their dark lord and saviour Satan, as 20 so-called sorcerers were put to death there during the Salem Witch Trials in the late 1690’s.

The Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said:

The irony that a town which once executed people because of alleged ties to Satan will now be hosting the headquarters of the world’s largest satanic organisation is not lost on us. The fact that we have a home in Salem is testament to the progressive mentality of the people there, and the local government’s support for plurality.

But before you go all Daily Mail and get all up in arms about them, it’s probably worth keeping in mind that The Satanist Temple aren’t actually real blood stone circle worshipping Satanists, instead they sound like a bunch of pretty cool guys.

The Temple is a collection of humanists who reject religion and instead promote passion and reason, using Satan as a metaphorical figurehead for their group because he represents ‘the eternal rebel’.

Sounds good to me, sign me up!