The Weird Secret Behind Donald Trump’s Hair Revealed By His Doctor


Ever looked at the half groomed Cockapoo Donald Trump calls his hair and thought ‘it just can’t be real’? Well you may be shocked to learn, you’re wrong.

According to the President’s long term doctor, Harold Bornstein, that golden weave on top of Donald’s bonce is 100 per cent genuine Trump hair, grown in the good old United States.

In a series of phone interviews, Bornstein revealed to the New York Times that Trump takes medication for three separate ailments one of which, finasteride, promotes hair growth.


Bornstein, who also takes the drug, claims finasteride is what keeps Donald’s hair so thick and impressive, adding: ‘He [Trump] has all his hair’.

Finasteride is used to treat low-levels of a prostate specific antigen which is a marker for prostate cancer but is also marketed as Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness.

Trump also takes statins for elevated blood cholesterol and antibiotics to control rosacea, a common skin problem, as well as a daily baby aspirin to help reduce the risk of a heart attack.


At 70-years-old Trump is the oldest President to park his rear in the Oval Office which led to some speculation he wasn’t healthy enough to sit at a desk signing papers.

Dr. Bornstein however has pronounced Mr. Trump healthy and his medical care as ‘exactly up to date’.

Trump's special message - Getty

The White House has not responded to Dr Bornstein’s claims and the doctor has had no contact with Trump since he became president.

Not going to lie, I’m gutted that Trump’s hair is real because I had a load of #FAKE jokes planned.