The Sherminator Has Drastic Makeover And Looks Like A Different Person

by : UNILAD on : 18 Mar 2018 17:07

Remember Sherminator from American Pie? The sophisticated sex robot sent back through time to change the future for one lucky lady? Yeah that guy.


Well he no longer looks like the wimpy little kid from his most iconic role, even his ginger hair is a distant memory.

The actor, Chris Owen, has bleached his hair for an upcoming role in the sixth – yes SIXTH – Sharknado movie.


Chris is now iconic for playing the role of Chuck ‘The Sherminator’ Sherman in the original film, which came out in 1999, along with a series of sequels.


In total, Chris appeared in four of the American Pie series, with his latest being in 2012 for the American Reunion.

Chuck was a nerdy teen, who didn’t let that get the better of him trying to womanise as much as possible, even giving himself the woeful nickname of The Sherminator.

But after the American Pie films, his career slumped somewhat and it was reported that Owen was waiting tables at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

But thankfully, it seems the Sharknado has whipped up a bit of a storm around the actor, and he’s in front of the screen again.

But it wasn’t just American Pie which Owen was known for – he also has acting credits on four National Lampoon’s films, and Frank Darabont film The Mist.

While some people may have positive memories of American Pie when they watched it as awkward youngsters, a rewatch reveals themes which many have called ‘sexist’ and ‘offensive’.


One of the aspects which came under fire the most is the treatment of ‘gay’ humour, specifically from characters like Stiffler.

There is also the seriously questionable practice of recording a woman stripping off on a secret webcam.

While there have been different levels of offence, it is certain that the films don’t go down as well in 2018 as they did in the 90s.

This probably explains why actors from the franchise never reached the levels of stardom which their stints on American Pie afforded them.

That’s not to say that they haven’t had varied and successful careers, but some of them have kind of fallen off the map a little bit.

Universal Pictures

One of these actors is Shannon Elizabeth, also known as Nadia, the foreign exchange student and love interest of main character Jim Levenstein.

She, alongside the other actors became household names – if only for a short while – and one scene in particular most people will remember her for, is when she was accidentally caught stripping on webcam (see above under: problematic scenes).

Shannon may well not be as active on the screen as she once was, but she has a ‘second career’.


Her ‘second career’, as she describes it, is poker. In 2006, Shannon was referred to as ‘one of the leading celebrity poker players’ and competed in Las Vegas a number of times.

Shannon – now 44 – is also a keen animal activist, environmentalist and vegan – and fronted a campaign encouraging people to adopt a turkey, instead of eating it during Thanksgiving.

So she has actually been quite busy, yet she will still sadly be known as Nadia, unfortunately.

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