The Simple Trick That Can Get You 30% More Replies On Tinder


Is there anything more frustrating than matching with someone on Tinder and sliding into their DMs only for them to completely ignore you? Okay, yeah there is, but it’s still fucking annoying. 

It turns out there’s a simple way that you can get 30% more replies and we’re going to tell you so that you can work on putting an end to your crippling loneliness.

The data guys over at Tinder have been crunching numbers and have revealed how you can get more people to acknowledge your existence and land more dates.

Speaking to Engadget, Dr. Jess Carbino revealed that if you send a GIF to your match, it’ll break the ice far better than the boring “hey, how are you?” shit that you’ve been trying for years. And they’re a lot more likely to reply.


The sociologist said: 

GIFs and emojis are a good way to break the ice because people are very attracted to art and things that are visual.

The research also found that conversations involving GIFs lasted twice as long as text conversations.

And because I’m so dedicated to my profession, I thought I’d put it to the test.

It didn’t go very well.


Not even when I pulled Harambe out of the bag. Some people are cold. 


I suppose a 30% increase of 0 is still 0.