The Simpsons Makes Dig At Donald Trump In Latest Episode


Almost a week of shock has passed since the most shambolic, vitriolic, and demonic presidential election of all time came to its fateful end – however as the thin veneer of darkness veils over all of us The Simpsons have made everything ever so mildly brighter.  

No doubt in the immediate toxic and apocalyptic aftermath after Monsieur Trump became the President-elect, congratulations America by the way, countless theories spiralled forth suggesting that The Simpsons had predicted this very election some 16 years ago – and by the looks of things, they bloody did, reports Mashable.

The episode, ‘Bart to the Future’, depicted a dystopian future where the ‘most absurd placeholder joke name’, Donald Trump, became president – I mean, who would’ve thought that in all 602 episodes that they would’ve predicted something accurately.

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Anyhow, in the first episode to air since Trump’s victory the show chucked in a cheeky reference to their prophetic power.

In those iconic opening credits where Bart scribbles lines onto the board he took the chance to make reference, writing: ‘Being Right Sucks’. Amen to that.

Throughout Simpsons history the blackboard has always been the go to for political satire and trivial news, but now it’s been used for another reason – so that the creators could make their opinion towards Trump very, very clear.

And boy were they successful.