The Simpsons Started Predicting World Events 32 Years Ago Today

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The Simpsons Started Predicting World Events 32 Years Ago TodayDisney/20th Century Fox

The Simpsons’ pilot episode aired 32 years ago today, marking the start of their of their scarily accurate predictions.

It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favourite animated family have been around for more than three decades. It’s even harder to believe that their scarily-accurate predictions are decades old too.


We’ve all been freaked out by how accurately The Simpsons has predicted global events, from the pandemic, to Trump’s presidency, and even 9/11.

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One of the most notable predictions came in episode 17 of season 11, titled ‘Bart to the Future’.

The episode sees Lisa become President of the United States and in an official meeting say, ‘We inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump.’


To put the prediction into perspective, that episode aired on March 19, 2000.

Are we sure the writers don’t have a DeLorean?

Naturally, the show’s penchant for predictions has led to many fan theories. In a recent interview, show runner Al Jean said that the predictions were a case of throwing ‘enough darts’.

The Simpsons (Alamy)Alamy

He said:

One of our writers, the guy whose episode predicted Donald Trump as president, said it best: ‘If you write 700 episodes, and you don’t predict anything, then you’re pretty bad. If you throw enough darts, you’re going to get some bullseyes.

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Still, there are some predictions that have us wondering whether the show writers have a crystal ball.

For instance, in episode 19 of season 6, titled ‘Lisa’s Wedding’, we see Lisa’s boyfriend Hugh make a call using his watch. The episode predicting smart watches aired in 1995, while smart watches with voice recognition didn’t come out until 2013.


The series even predicted Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl, faulty voter machines and the Higgs-Boson Particle.

We can’t wait to see what the writers predict next.

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