The Sun’s Kelvin MacKenzie Sinks To New Low In Hijab Controversy

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Despite printing vile lies after the Hillsborough disaster, putting pictures of a mentally ill national treasure exposing himself on the front page, and of course, claiming a Muslim shouldn’t report on terrorism, The Sun and its resident idiot Kelvin MacKenzie continue to pollute the minds of millions.

MacKenzie recently caused outrage when he claimed it was inappropriate for a ‘young lady wearing a hijab’ to report on the Nice terror attack.

The young lady MacKenzie was referring to, Fatima Manji, responded brilliantly in an article she wrote exclusively for the Liverpool Echo (nice touch).

Manji wrote: 

Kelvin MacKenzie has attempted to smear 1.6 billion Muslims in suggesting they are inherently violent. He has attempted to smear half of them further by suggesting they are helpless slaves. And he has attempted to smear me by suggesting I would sympathise with a terrorist.

THE TRUTH? I confess. I pi**ed on Kelvin MacKenzie’s apparent ambitions to force anyone who looks a little different off our screens, and I’ll keep doing it.

Now, in a completely unsurprising turn of events, MacKenzie is making a counter-complaint about the newsreader to Ofcom for a breach of ‘impartiality’.

MacKenzie wrote in today’s paper:

I will be looking at making a formal complaint to Ofcom under the section of the broadcasting code which deals with impartiality.

Since the question of religious motivation was central to the coverage of the Nice attack, I would ask whether it is appropriate for a newsreader to wear religious attire that could undermine the viewers’ perception of impartiality.

A Muslim woman does have a choice.


Let’s see how that works out for you, Kelvin.

The fact that millions of people choose to read such a deplorable rag on a daily basis is seriously worrying.