The Ten Dumbest Tweets Of 2015 Will Fry Your Brain Cells


If you’re ever feeling low why not pop onto social media for some philosophical advice to bring you out of your slump?

Alternatively you may come across some absolute nonsense which cheers you up by way of its sheer stupidity.

And sadly for these Twitter users, that is precisely where they have stepped in.

Check out these candidates for dumbest tweets of 2015.

Straight out of med school.

You’re doing selfies wrong.

There is absolutely no way spell check can be blamed there.

How could anyone forget those dark days?

Come on guys, put the ‘peddlestool’ away.

In fairness that one could possibly be true, but way too much information if that is the case.

How does one lose their ‘versionity’?

I do not doubt that ‘enter lectual’ conversation has escaped most of us for the majority of our lives.

I’m sure one or two web users will be all over that offer.

Aren’t you just…

Technology is not making people stupid, it’s just exposing it.