The Ten Worst Dares People Have Actually Done


In the words of TV hero Jeremy Usborne: “Why do I even do half the stupid shit I do?”

Why would people do something with absolutely nothing to gain but possible humiliation, injury or worse? The truth is there’s no use in trying to unravel why, let’s just enjoy the fact that they did. We’ll start with some of the more harmless ones and work our way up. Most of these were submitted by Buzzfeed users but the top three get a little more explanation due mostly to their intense stupidity.

So here are the ten worst dares people have actually gone through with.

10) The Bug

I was dared to eat a bug for a dollar. I was so broke that I ate two.

9) The Dunk

Once on a triple dog dare, I was dared to place my balls in a sleeping friend’s open hand. It was funny at first, but then he woke up and squeezed them with a death grip.

8) The Streak

I was at a friend’s house. We were in her hot tub, and I got dared to take my swimsuit off and run across the yard. I was halfway back when the girl’s dad came out with snacks. That was the last time I was invited to their home.

7) The Vom


Jokingly, I dared my friend to lick the puke on the parking lot floor. She immediately got down on her knees and did it. I still feel bad about it.

6) The Parkour


In middle school I was dared to jump down a flight of stairs. We lined the bottom with pillows and blankets so it would be cushioned when I landed. I missed the bottom by one step, landed right on my tailbone, and had to sit on a pregnancy doughnut for a week. Including at school. To this day, it still hurts every once in a while.

5) The Payback

In college, I was dared to lick the fungus-ridden, dirty toe of a guy on the wrestling team. After a good Listerine rinse, I got immediate revenge on the jerk who dared me to do it by daring him to take a sip of water from his fish’s tank. Vomit followed, and vengeance was mine!

4) The Horse Dick

One summer my friend was dared to lick a horse’s penis. She claims she didn’t actually do it, but I definitely saw tongue-to-horse-dick contact.

3) The Human Torch

Teenager Russell Gortzig, and one of his friends had been watching videos on YouTube. Presumably in an ill-advised bid to recreate the antics of Marvel hero The Human Torch, young Russell soaked himself in gasoline, at which point his friend dared him to hold up a lighter and snap it on. Russell willingly obliged and was predictably hospitalised with several burns although he later said, “a combination of the spark and fumes caught his shorts on fire,” phrased brilliantly to minimise his role in the blaze.

2) Nipple Clamps

Kyle DuBois, an 18-year-old high school student, and his friends were playing around with some of the electrical equipment in their mechanics class. After a few fun minutes of shocking themselves with loose wires a couple of Kyle’s friends dared him to attach some alligator clamps to his nipples in exchange for a Mountain Dew. Succumbing to the peer pressure (and the promise of a refreshing soft drink) Kyle accepted the dare and heroically sent a powerful electric current through his nipples. The shock sent him into cardiac arrest and Kyle was rushed to hospital with respiratory failure, from which he eventually recovered. Not worth it dude.

1) Chicken

An 18-year-old man in Victoria, Australia, accepted the challenge set by his mates to participate in a game of chicken both without a car of his own and without his opponents knowing they were playing chicken. So, he went out to a motorway ramp in the middle of the night, waited for a car, jumped into the road and sprinted toward it. The result was not good for either party. The driver of the car obviously had no idea what was happening as the man appeared out of the darkness running towards him like a maniac and the resulting collision was enough to write off the vehicle. Unbelievably the man wasn’t killed, although he did end up spending a few weeks in hospital.