The Top Nine Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

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Whether they feel as real can be, or a complete impossibility, your fucked up dreams say a lot more about you than you think and this guy thinks he knows exactly what they are trying to tell you…

In conjunction with the The Independent, psychologist Ian Wallace – who has interpreted over 150,000 dreams during more than 30 years of practice – helped compile a list of the most common dreams, what they mean and what you should do in life once you’re awake. We will try to not make it not too ‘horiscopy’…


1. Falling

This has to be one of the most fucking terrifying of the bunch. You swear you’re falling from a great height, so you frantically move your legs about the duvet to check you’re still on the ground and there’s a massive sigh of relief when you realise you’re still in bed. The feeling of falling is believed to imply that you’re hanging on too tightly to a particular situation and you need to let go of it. Basically, stop trying to be so controlling and than maybe everything will be okay.


2. Finding An Unused Room

Who knows what it used to be, a study, a sex dungeon, perhaps? But whatever it was, that room you’ve just found is completely bare… now. This is one of the more rather literal dreams and suggests you’ve unknowingly discovered a hidden talent and funnily enough his advice is to explore these talents as they may offer up other opportunities.

3. Being Unprepared For An Exam


Well, this is just a standard practice for many students, whether they’re at school, college or uni, so what could be worse than dreaming about something that could be oh so real? This suggests you’re critically analysing yourself, but he says you shouldn’t have to. Celebrate your knowledge and achievements instead – I’m sure you’re doing just fine.

4. Flying

Who wouldn’t love to be able to do this in reality? C’mon, it’d be pretty sweet. But their is a deeper meaning to why you’d picture yourself flying amongst the clouds. It symbolises being free and liberated, usually because you have managed to make a huge decision in life or risen above the limitations of a heavy responsibility.


5. Being In An Out-Of-Control Vehicle

This is one I’ve experienced many a time and it’s pretty bleak. There’s nothing worse than not being in control – if it’s in an out of control car, you’re almost certain to crash and meet a bloody end. But it doesn’t mean what you’d naturally think, this sense of being ‘out of control’ essentially means you don’t think you have enough control over your road to success, Wallace suggests relaxing your grip on things and trusting your instincts to achieve what you want.


6. Being Naked In Public

This is probably one of the biggest nightmare scenarios there is out there for anyone, ever. The naked awkwardness in a changing room is enough as it is, so to be out and about and completely starkers… you’d probably die from sheer embarrassment – well, I would anyway. This does what it says on the tin, suggesting that you feel vulnerable and exposed (no shit), and means you do should probably open up to others so they can see your real talents.

7. Unable To Find A Toilet

We’ve all been there. You’re out and about somewhere a little less familiar and you’re pretty much gunna piss yourself if you don’t find a toilet in five seconds. If you do, relief, if not, almost certain shame. This expresses that there’s an issue in your everyday life that you are finding challenging to express your own needs. Easy answer here, start looking out for yourself a bit more.

8. Teeth Falling Out

Just, no. As a six/seven-year-old kid there’s probably nothing more horrific than seeing your tooth just fall out and as an adult you’d fucking hope this would never happen again. Teeth, in this case, symbolise your confidence, so this means it’s weakening in waking life. The dream expert suggests you should relish this situation as a challenge and not as a hurdle you have no chance of jumping over.

9. Being Chased

There’s not a ton of situations where being chased could be anything but negative, and in this case it’s no different. It simply means that you don’t want to confront an issue as you don’t know how too. But it’s a great chance to turn a possible crisis into an opportunity to pursue a particular personal ambition.


Sweet dreams? Probably not.

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