The Top Cornershop Crisps, But Which Are Your Favourites?



We’ve all got our favourite crisps from the cornershop. Proper crisps, none of this nacho lark.

Cornershop crisps are different to supermarket crisps. You don’t have to be as sensible. It’s a one-off, so you can go wild. You wouldn’t buy (or at least admit if you did) a big multipack of pickled onion Space Raiders to take into work every day… But on the way home, with a bottle of Levi Roots Caribbean Crush to wash them down, they are a staple purchase.

So what are your favourite?

transofrm a snack
Both a snack AND a build-it-yourself toy, these are the Kinder Egg of the crisps world. Plus they have a both spicy AND pickled onion flavours – Two cornershop classics.

Smokey, crispy bacon crisps. Like ‘bacon fries’ from the pub, but just not in the pub.

THE prawn cocktail snack. Doesn’t actually taste too strongly of prawn cocktail, but so what, they melt on your tongue!

Nik Naks.
nik naks
They’ve got a weird name. They’re a funny shape. They’ve got indeterminate flavours. A personal favourite.

The cheesey orange wonders make a total mess of everything that they come into contact with. But they’re just so good.

Monster Munch.

Because pennies can’t buy a bigger snack…

Tangy Toms.
tangy toms
They’re crisps, but tomato flavour. It’s confusing, but it works. Sort of.

Space Raiders.
The best cheap crisps ever? Even if they aren’t 10p anymore, like they always should be, these are going to take some beating. Speaking of beating… Please knock out anybody that you hear calling them ‘Space Invaders’. Twice.

Walkers aren’t a heavy feature in cornershop crisps. They’re more of a Boots meal deal kind of snack. But squares are an exception. Salt and vinegar though, obviously.

Wheat Crunchies.
wheat crunchies
These are like the brown bread equivalent of Nik Naks… Good though.