The Trailer For Hilarious Grisly Comedy Double Date Has Dropped And It Looks Outrageous


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The first trailer for bloody British comedy-horror Double Date has been released and it looks mind-blowingly outrageous.

Double Date tells the story of Jim (Danny Morgan) an innocent 29-year-old virgin who’s desperate to lose his cherry before turning 30.

Thankfully his best mate and wing-man extraordinaire Alex (Michael Socha) is by his side to help him out and the pair believe they’ve hit the jackpot when they run into Lulu and Kitty (Georgia Groome and Kelly Wenham), two girls who seem up for anything.

Stigma Films

Unfortunately for them anything really means anything, including murder and ritualistic sacrifice, and so the boys soon find themselves on a date from hell when their dream double date turns into a nightmare.

This loving tribute to the gore-filled B-movies of yesteryear comes from Benjamin Barfoot and features terrific cameos, with a score from psychedelic prog-rock band Goat.

Double Date was met with rave reviews after a very successful run at the Edinburgh Film Festival and International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, so if you’re a fan on dark comedy this is one you shouldn’t miss.

Double Date slashes its way into theatres October 13.