The Trailer For The New Season Of Prison Break Has Just Dropped


The first trailer for the new series of Prison Break has just dropped and it looks like Michael Scofield is alive and, you guessed it, in prison.

It looked like he’d died at the end of season four back in 2009, but the new teaser for the Fox mini-series shows that in fact, he has survived but would you believe it is back in prison, this time in Morocco, reports the Daily Mail.

The trailer opens with Scofield’s son asking his mum: “What was my father like? My real father.”

“He was like a storm appearing suddenly out of a clear blue sky,” she says, before the kid – in strange thinly veiled code – replies: “The storms, they can come back, can’t they?”

Yes Michael Jr, yes they can. Basically, Scofield’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, gets wind of the fact he is alive and travels to Morocco coming face to face with the brother he thought was dead.


So, in a nut shell it looks like the mini-series is going back to the roots of the show, but this time it’s the older brother trying to get the younger one out.

Scofield appears to recruit his two cell-mates into the plan, while Lincoln organises things on the outside – including temporarily shutting down the city’s power grid.


“When those lights go black we’re going to disappear from this place like ghosts,” Scofield tells his cellmates.

If it’s anything like as good as the first series this looks like it could be well worth a watch.