The UK Has Elected Its Youngest Mayor Ever


They say young people these days don’t have any ambition but one teen’s proven that wrong by becoming the youngest mayor ever. 

Terence Smith a 19-year-old film studies student has been voted in as the mayor of Goole, Yorkshire by his fellow councillors, The Huffington Post reports.

The proud new mayor says he will be championing young people’s issues on the council and said: “I feel like I’m giving my bit back to the community.”

Smith was voted in as a Labour councillor last year and was personally congratulated by the party’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson

He had previously been Britain’s youngest deputy mayor and told The Guardian:

All I can do is my best. I’d love to have a career in politics, either at a local or national level, but I’ll see what happens. I think my main focus is going to be the next four years.

Keith Moore, a councillor has praised his young colleague’s work since taking office saying he brings ‘fresh views into the council chamber’ and that he ‘grabbed the bull by the horns and has performed excellently in his ward’.

Goole’s council currently represents 18,500 people and covers an area of around 2,200 acres.

Not going to lie back when I was 19 I was working in car wash so this guy’s success hasn’t done wonders for my self esteem…