The UK’s First Ninja Park Opens Next Month And It Wants To Break You


The world of fitness is an ever-changing beast, and the days of just working out in the gym, going for a run, or a swim are long gone.

Activities such as CrossFit have become well established globally, and tv shows such as American Ninja Warrior or Netflix’ Ultimate Beastmaster are pushing ninja-like obstacle courses, and those who master them, into the limelight.

And yet the UK doesn’t have a single Ninja Park – but thankfully that is about to change!

This April will see the opening of Total Ninja in Manchester, and the plans for the park look awesome!

With 11 different runs the park is open to all abilities, but certainly not the faint-hearted, promising to ‘break you – whatever your age or ability.’ – Challenge accepted!

Total Ninja

Chris Hayes, managing director of Innovation Leisure, said:

We’ve been working on bringing this to life for a while now and we’re extremely excited for its opening in April. We’ve made it bigger and better than what you might see on TV – and everyone can have a go.

Ninja runs and obstacles have started to be a small part of our trampoline parks, but this huge, dedicated Ninja park takes it to the next level. It’s the first of its kind in the UK and we believe it’ll be the largest in the world.

Total Ninja

So if you are looking for a challenging workout that breaks from the norm get yourself to Manchester this April…