The Ultimate Christmas Leftovers Sandwich Includes Cold Potato And Mayo, Survey Reveals

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Dec 2021 09:28
The Ultimate Christmas Leftovers Sandwich Includes Cold Potato And Mayo, Survey RevealsAlamy

The days after Christmas are typically a blur of festive films and Bailey’s hot chocolates, but one of the most favoured parts of the period is the access to leftover food.

From turkey and stuffing to pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce, I’m not sure I know of any household that’s ever actually managed to finish all of their Christmas food on the day itself, meaning there’s plenty to snack on on the run up to the new year.


Given that the whole roast dinner is never quite the same when made with cold remnants, people often slap two slices of bread around the meal and turn it instead into a Christmas sandwich, creating arguably one of the best dishes of the festive season.

In fact, as many as 70% of Brits prefer a festive sandwich to Christmas dinner, according to a poll of 1,500 British residents taken this month, and while exactly what goes on that sandwich comes down to personal preference, there are a few elements that most people can agree on.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by Primula cheese, the perfect sandwich should contain precisely three slices of turkey, two thin slices of ham, two and a half-sliced pigs in blankets, one spoon of cranberry sauce and an even spread of bread sauce.


I have to say that ‘two and half-sliced pigs in blankets’ seems a bit too fiddly and specific for my liking, and I’m not convinced about the bread sauce, but aside from that I’m onboard so far.

It’s some of the other elements that I’m less convinced about, with the survey also revealing that the perfect sandwich should contain two cold slices of roast potato and one generous squirt of mayo on two slices of buttered bread, all topped with a liberal sprinkling of salt.

Christmas sandwich (Alamy)Alamy

Now, I’m all for mayo on a chicken salad sandwich or with some ham and lettuce, but when it comes to Christmas sandwiches I’m of the opinion that if it wasn’t on the Christmas menu, it shouldn’t be found inside the bread. As for the potato – well, all I have to say is that if a potato is cold, I don’t want it.


Brits were split fairly evenly over their choice of bread, with 33% of respondents opting for white bread to surround their fillings while 29% chose granary. Another 23% went for the slightly fancier option of sourdough, but all in all I think we can agree that bread in general is a necessity.

The same can’t be said for some of the other fillings Brits admitted to including in their Christmas sandwiches, with 17% adding squeezy cheese, 27% throwing in a sliced Yorkshire pudding, 34% adding a bit of crunch with some crisps and 31% opting for a spicier sandwich with some hot sauce.

One in 10 people appear to have taken inspiration from Friends by adding a slice of gravy-soaked bread to the middle of their sandwich, aka the ‘moist maker’, while 9% go in the opposite direction by frying their sandwich for a bit of added crispiness.


It’s clear that everyone has their own spin on the leftovers sandwiches, but when it comes to making one of the most highly-anticipated lunches of the year it’s only right that we all strive for our version of perfection.

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