The Undertaker’s Manager Revealed One Thing That Terrified The Wrestler


WWE legend, The Undertaker, isn’t scared of many things, but there is one thing he is scared of – and you’ll probably never guess what it is.

Paul Bearer – The Undertaker’s longtime onscreen manager and travel partner – revealed the secret in an interview recorded before his death of a heart attack in 2013.

He revealed all in an interview with Jim Cornette…

Bearer said:

He cannot stand cucumbers… I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a waffle house because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea.

It was something to do with when he was a kid… I guess his mother made him eat them when he didn’t want them, or something.

He just hates cucumbers.


Mr Bearer also confessed to pranking the wrestler by sticking cucumber slices in his hat and gloves.

The Undertaker bowed out of WWE in April, after suffering a defeat to the Big Dog – his second ever defeat at WrestleMania in his 27-year career.

After his loss, The Undertaker appeared to end his career – he took off his gloves, his coat and his hat and left them in the ring.

Who’s up for The Undertaker coming out of retirement to take on… the cucumber?