The Upcoming James Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Has An Awesome New Trailer


With the release date of the twenty-fourth Bond movie ‘Spectre’ imminent, MGM have given us another trailer to get excited about – and excited we are.

Spectre will be the second film directed by Sam Mendez and Daniel Craig’s fourth. Mendez has recently stated that he thinks this may be his last Bond film, but given the success of Skyfall and now Spectre, I find that pretty hard to believe.

The trailer has as many explosions, guns, quips and beautiful women as you’d have hoped for and we also get to see Christoph Waltz hamming it up the way only he can. Waltz will play Bond’s nemesis Franz Oberhauser, while Monica Belluci and Madeleine Swann star as Lucia Sciarra and Léa Seydoux, both love interests of Bond. The lucky git.

Spectre is set for a UK release of October 26th on the same day as it’s London premiere, while American audiences will have to wait until November 6th to get a taste.