The ‘WalkCar’ Is Like A Segway Crossed With A Skateboard



Too lazy to walk? Too proud to be seen dead on a Segway? Quite fancy skateboarding but can’t actually do it?

Then the WalkCar is for you.

It’s like a Segway, but looking more like a laptop cover, and fits neatly into your bag so can be carried around.

Developed in Japan (obviously), the WalkCar works similarly to a skateboard because you bend your body and shift your weight to steer it in the direction that you want it to go.

It can carry a 265 lbs passenger for over 7 miles, and travel at 6.2 miles and hour of a single 3 hour charge, which is actually pretty impressive when you think that a 12 hour charge of an iPhone can last for a 7 minute phone call and 6.2 games of 8 Ball Pool.

It’s currently not available yet, but its Kickstarter campaign is launching in October, and it’s due to be priced at just over £500.

It actually looks really cool. The small wheels look like they are going to be flimsy, but as you can see, it gets over bumps with ease and also stops as soon as you step off, unlike a skateboard, which will carry on until they hit somebody in the ankle.

Best get saving, really.