The Weird Royal Rules Meghan Markle Will Need To Follow If She Marries Prince Harry

by : Tom Percival on : 17 Apr 2017 13:45
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It turns out there’s more to The Royal Family than waving at public events and wearing fancy hats, there are also a number bizarre rules that all members must follow for some reason. 

Yes, while the rest of the world has moved on, the Royal’s still enjoy pretending it’s ‘s the 17th Century, presumably because it’s the last time they were relevant, and as such they obey a number of peculiar traditions set out by their ancestors.


From no public displays of affection to attending terrible church services on Christmas day there’s a lot of bullshit the royals have to  put up with in exchange for their cast wealth and lives of luxury.

Now the media are wondering whether Prince Harry’s current girlfriend Meghan Markle knows everything that would be expected of her should she marry into the the Windsor clan, The Mirror reports.

No political opinions…


The Royal family have a long tradition of keeping their mouths shut when it comes to politics ever since their ancestor lost his head in the Civil War, effectively remaining politically neutral.

Also as they are technically the UK’s representatives and ambassadors for the country, helping to promote us abroad they usually keep schtum about goings on across the world as well.

That said they can vote but they choose not to because it would be unconstitutional and they can’t hold political office either.


You can’t be shellfish…


The Royals apparently avoid shellfish when they can to prevent food poisoning or a possible allergic reaction which may prevent them performing their important duties of standing around and looking important.

Although Prince Charles has reportedly been known to quaff the odd shellfish every now and again, unlike his dear old mum who’s never touched one in her life.


Don’t worry Liz you’re not missing out – they’re gross.

No Monopoly…

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Like many families around the country the Royals love a good board game on Christmas Day. Unfortunately one game that’s literally off the table is Monopoly as it’s too aggressive and therefore unbecoming of the Royal family.


Apparently it was Prince Andrew who banned the game and he’d know a thing or too about behaviour un-befitting of the Royal family.

So sorry Meghan looks like you’re stuck playing Scrabble and Kerplunk as you eat your turkey sandwiches.

Walk this way…


Like Ant and Dec the Royals have a super strict order in which they must stand, sit and walk. It’s pretty simple to follow, basically you’ve got to stay in the order of ranking.

So it goes The Queen and Phillip, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate and finally Harry. If Meghan decided to tie the knot with Harry she’s get to stand next to him.

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