The Working Day Should Be Three Hours Long, Study Proves


Good news for bored employees across the land, it turns out that the working day should only be three hours long not eight.

This isn’t the theory of a lazy HR manager with dreams of being in the pub every day by lunch either it’s been done by scientists who wear white coats and everything.

Well, we say scientists we mean statisticians, who may or may not wear white coats, but they did survey 1,989 people and discovered that people only really work for around two hours and 53 minutes of the working day actually working.


So what do people do with the other four hours and seven minutes?

Well the biggest distraction was news websites, which makes sense considering we know when you’re on our website, and takes up one hour and five minutes of your day.

Also I’d like to take this time to say you shouldn’t alter your behaviour in anyway because it helps keep me in cheap lager and DVDs.


Other than that the biggest distractions were social media (44 minutes) and discussing out of work activities (40 minutes).

Also a lot of people spend around 26 minutes everyday searching for a new job which seems odd considering how easy the people who took this survey seem to have it but whatever.


Chris Johnson, from Vouchercloud who conducted the survey told The Sun:

The modern workplace has an awful lot to distract us with, especially with our phones at our desks and tea to be drank.

The times that we revealed in the survey, however, are still a surprise – perhaps we’re letting ourselves get distracted far too easily, with our productivity being dented as a result.

Taking a break once in a while is by all means okay – in fact, many high profile business leaders recommend taking regular breaks in order to make you more productive.

But, taking calls from your friend or partner and checking social media might be pushing your luck.

This means to get the most out of you your boss should slash your hours to keep you working at peak efficiency.

Hmm maybe not, they’ll probably try and cut your pay as well…