The World Is Going Mad For ‘Twizzerling’


Twizzerling is the latest hilarious (and probably a bit dangerous) prank to play on friends, and we expect it to take the internet by storm.

A new video posted on YouTube shows exactly what the soon-to-be internet trend entails – all you need is a packet of a Twizzlers and an unsuspecting, unconscious mate.

When Micah fell asleep on a long car trip, his friends decided to see how many of the snacks they could jam in his mouth before he woke up. And it turns out that the answer is “a lot”. Like, a shocking amount before he actually wakes up.

It’s a risky prank – after all, this guy could have woken up furious rather than thrilled with his tasty free snack. Oh, and there’s also the slight issue that your mate could choke to death.

We reckon this prank will catch on. Just be careful out there with all that candy! With great power, comes great responsibility and all that…


Alex Watt

Experienced Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager, with over eight years working in social media, paid social, website management, blogging and marketing.