People Think This English-Speaking Homeless Girl Could Be Madeleine McCann

girl21-e1479797885629Missing Persons of America

Could this be Madeleine McCann?

The blonde girl, who is thought to be in her late teens and was spotted walking the streets of Rome, has garnered the attention of many because of her polite demeanour and inability to speak Italian.

People have said she refuses to accept money and answers questions in English.

Internet campaigners says she looks like several missing girls, including Amanda Adlai who was abducted in Michigan in 2008 and Maria-Brigitte Henselmann who disappeared from Germany in 2008 – but traction is growing on her resemblance to Madeleine McCann, who vanished in 2007.


Italian police have attempted to identify the girl, but she has no passport or ID. And while locals have reported she responds to the name ‘Maria’, police have said she has given them different names.

The girl has no belongings and has reportedly been wearing the same clothes for weeks, the Daily Mail reports.

The latest update on Missing Persons of America says:

The girl does not speak Italian. According to locals she is not very responsive and seems confused, traumatized or mentally ill.

We have reached out to the american embassy, non profits and local police, but no one is willing to go identify this girl….

There is an Italian journalist who went to the girl but the girl was unresponsive so we are at square one. The Italian reporter said: “She could be American or Eastern European. She surely isn’t Italian. She’s really scared and [doesn’t] like people.”

Internet campaigners are now trying to get the girl home for Christmas.

girl3Missing Persons of America

Missing Persons of America wrote on a website page dedicated to ‘Maria’ that there have been ‘several people that think it may be Madeline McCann who would be 13 now,’ adding: “Madeline had a distinctive mark on her eye and it would be easy to tell if it was her by that identification.”

While some have reported that this girl does not have a distinctive mark on her eye, an update on the website says police have confirmed the teen does in fact have a mark on her pupil, but there is no verification of this in writing.

If this is McCann, we’re sure to know soon given the traction the campaign to identify the teen is getting.