The World’s Most Awkward School Photos Ever

by : UNILAD on : 21 Oct 2015 02:33


If you thought your school photos were bad or the pictures you took and put online over the weekend were bad, it’s okay, this collection of awkward school photos is here to comfort you. 


The medium is irrelevant, whether it’s print photos from the 80’s or online pics in 2015, we all go through a phase of looking downright embarrassing in life.

These throwback images on awkwardfamilyphotos.com reveal a history of trends such as epic mullets, rats tail hairdos, colourful clothing, and alarmingly large spectacles.

Mother and fathers, or the stars of the photos themselves have taken to the site to share their dorky-ness with the world. It’s very generous of them.

There are quotes from the people in the photos on the site – making excuses, being defensive, or proudly embracing their past (so they should!) etc.


I’ll let the photos tell the story on their own here, though.

Without further ado, let us activate the time machine and commence flicking through this glorious album:

yearbook17yearbook17 yearbook16yearbook16 yearbook15yearbook15 yearbook14yearbook14
yearbook12yearbook12 yearbook11yearbook11 yearbook10yearbook10 yearbook9yearbook9 yearbook8yearbook8 yearbook7yearbook7 yearbook6yearbook6 yearbook5yearbook5 yearbook4yearbook4 yearbook3yearbook3 yearbook2yearbook2 yearbook1yearbook1

Absolute gold.

I enjoy the laser backgrounds on a couple of them. Nothing beats a good grumpy “what the fuck am I doing here?” face either.

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